Reality Check

It’s like this, see. You bring your worthless commentary. You state your case and intend to erase my credibility. Then again I do sin, just like the rest of humanity. Unlike you, where blame is due to how many minds you’ve destroyed. Simple toys, girls and boys: they’re all coming to kill you.

It’s bloody true.



There were drugs everywhere, the day after it happened. Kate walked down to the Circle K in broad daylight armed with a tire jack in case any of the Others came out. Codeine was still very much believed in. We were glad that in our wickedness, we would have nary a sniffle or a care once the sun set again.

The sound of screeching tires told us the fish SUVs were compromised so we moved into the church. Ever since They were taken, there is no sanctuary. We pulled down the massive crucifix and fashioned stakes from the splinters. But the Others were unaffected. We've set a fire instead.

--Pittsburgh, 30 August 2011



One Light

I'm looking for something
and thinking
as rain trickles down the tracks over me
I'm laying here staring up at the moon
and thinking
I got someplace else to be.
I've been taking so long
to make up my mind
I've lost it already.
I'm looking for something
and thinking
that there is no place for me.
Deep thunder echoes
over the rails
tensed up, poised and pale
I'm looking at something
and thinking
soon there'll be nothing left of me.



What do you know of this terror? This sense of nonsense and hopeless emotionality? Banality replaces individuality. Time passes and recedes, curling under like dried leaves. Sun pools on the horizon, spilling out hues of affirmation. A slight detachment of limb from mind, head from heart; left spinning inside a void of misunderstanding.

It's an alien sensation, this skin. Graying and scratchy to feel the pink return with determined vibrance.

It's a life.


Ageless, Changeless

I've been around since before your ribbons
your rainbows
your sympathy
your religion
Pride, parades
Weddings, unions
Before Barry Manilow
and especially violin.

You can't fix me
You can't change me
My name is love
And I am blind.



Deepest, darkest rancor
a solitary path;
open door leading
into oblivion.

Tender crush of pelt, tanned
and left to smother
what's left of this fire.
I wake with breath
cold as December.



This pulse is automatic, it’s
A swallow of depth and endless salt
Trimmed to appear sane or clean
A throb of carmine, dipped; brushed
Slashed over the oil-slicked artery so
The body slides easier in the dirt.



Afraid of the house falling in, just to take it out in the storm. Thick tie flapping; you looked so ridiculous. Precious and vulnerable. Shouting with rain-speckled hair.

I had to kiss you.


Memory 27.2

Angels stripped of bitter dust living before the face of God. Confess child. Tell Him what you would like best. No pity, no pithy. You can let Him in.

Clasp your hands and pray. He will come save us all.